WowPot slot

There are two versions of the progressive Wowpot slot, we’ll be talking about the first and original version here. If you’re familiar with the progressive slots from Microgaming, you’ll immediately recognize the setup of this game from the very similar slot TunzaMunni. One of the bigger visual difference you’ll notice, compared to most other slots, is that the payout combinations are shown on the right hand side of the reels. This is normally displayed in a separate paytable. Although this might be extra clutter for some players, it does come in handy for beginning players as you can easily double check combinations whilst playing.

Wowpot Progressive Jackpot

Let’s start off by explaining how this slot is set up. It has a relatively simple structure: three reels, one payline and three coins. Like most slots with similar structures, you must bet all three coins per spin in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot that this slot offers. So if you’re after the jackpot, make sure you don’t bet on one or two coins, as you will be missing out for sure. Whilst betting three coins, you must hit a combination of three WowPot symbols on the payline. This sounds easy enough, however keep in mind that although there’s only one payline, the symbols can fall on different positions. The WowPot symbols have to fall exactly in the middle of the reel, on all three reels.

Wild substitutions and multipliers in Wowpot

Besides the possibility to activate the jackpot, the WowPot symbol also functions as a special symbol in this slot. When, and only if, you bet three coins per spin, the WowPot symbol simultaneously behaves as a Wild and Multiplier symbol. A Wild symbol can substitute all other symbols in order to complete a winning combination. If you bet 3 coins, and hit one WowPot symbol that completes a combination, the payout will be doubled. If the same thing happens with two WowPot symbols, the payout will be quadrupled. Additionally, the symbol can create its own winning combination when you hit multiple symbols on the payline. The multipliers are not activated in this case.