Super Lucky Frog slot

Although these green hopping creatures are usually not seen as a lucky sign, you might think twice if you hit it big during Super Lucky Frog. This NetEnt slot offers three Jackpots, named the Froggy (lowest), Lucky (middle), and Super Jackpot. Try your luck in this game, and you won’t even have to kiss a frog to become rich.

Super Lucky Frog Jackpot Game

To have a shot at the Jackpot, you will first have to hit the magical combination of at least three royal Frog Bonus symbols. Once you do, the real fun starts. A wheel of fortune will appear, giving you the chance to win a coin win, or one of the three Jackpots! The wheel has a total of 12 fields. If you land on any of the four red fields when the wheel stops spinning, you will be awarded a coin win. If you land on any of the four green fields you will win the Froggy Jackpot. To win the medium Lucky Jackpot, you’ll have to land on one of the three blue fields. And last but not least, for the real lucky player out there, you can win the Super Jackpot by landing on the only purple field.

Other features in Super Lucky Frog

Since the slot is not equipped with loads of complicated features, we’d say it’s perfect for beginning players. Nonetheless we know plenty of Jackpot lovers who find this game equally enjoyable. The slot will bring you to an enchanted forest, where you can find all sorts of enchanted creatures such as a griffin and a unicorn. Besides regular win symbols, the slot also offers Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild symbols can substitute in a win line for all other symbols except for scatter symbols. This is also the symbol with the highest value, paying up to 7500 coins. The Scatter symbol pays up to 400 coins, and can also activate Free Spins. To activate Free Spins in Super Lucky Frog you have to hit a combination of 3 or more Scatter symbols. Three of these symbols award 10 Free Spins, four award 20 Free Spins, and five Scatter symbols award the maximum amount of 30 Free Spins.