Mega Fortune Slots

This is the slot that has made millionaires and continues to make them, so if your ultimate goal when playing slots is to live the dream and become a multi-millionaire with just a few spins on the reels then Mega Fortune by Net Entertainment is the slot to play. The whole game screams luxury and you can be assured that when you play it whether you win or lose you will already be on your way to feeling like a million bucks.
The slot is basically a shrine to all things luxurious with symbols showing you how to live the playboy lifestyle to the maximum. The game has everything you could want from super yachts to the best champagne, diamonds, money, fast cars the lot. This is surely every man’s dream, and there is only way to win it and that is to play the game. Start playing Mega Fortune slot as soon as you can to be in with the chance of becoming the next millionaire playboy created by NetEnt.

The Mega Fortune bonus game

The bonus game is a wheel of fortune game with four layers, the first and most outer layer has a variety of coin amounts on it as well as some arrows. These arrows are what you are aiming for since they are what take you through to the next level of the wheel of mega fortune. Once the wheel stops spinning and you land on the arrow you move onto the next wheel which has the same mixture of coin amounts and arrows, but this one also has another tab called rapid which is a bonus amount you can win. If you get the rapid bonus then the game is over and you take that amount with you, but if you get the arrow you will go into the third wheel which is the major fortune. This is less coin amounts and just one arrow plus a major tab. Now if you get one of the coin amounts the game is over and you go back to the main game, same as if you get the major tab. The major will give you a substantial win though so it is definitely worth playing for. However if you are lucky enough to get the arrow one more time you go on to the middle inner most reel and win the Mega Fortune. This is where millionaires are really made so keep aiming for the centre of the wheel to make all your wildest fantasies comes true. There is also a wild feature and scatter symbols that give out free spins in mega Fortune. The free spins is a great alternative to make some decent cash if you haven’t managed to hit the Mega fortune yet as all wins are paid out three times the usual amount for a winning bet line. As for the wild symbols, if you manage to get three of these sexy symbols in a row then you could be booking a nice holiday somewhere far away after playing this NetEnt gem.