Divine Fortune slot

Divine Fortune is one of the three slots in the Fortune Jackpot series by NetEnt. Besides sharing a part of its name and all three offering jackpots, the slot has little in common with the play style of Mega Fortune and Cosmic Fortune. Divine Fortune is a beautifully themed slot, inspired by the Ancient Greek gods. Allow yourself to be carried away by the mystical beings and curious myths and tales, whilst simultaneously creating an opportunity to hit the Mega Jackpot.
Divine Fortune Jackpot Bonus Game
On the right hand side of the main game you will see a roman vase. The vase has three red gemstones, that will indicate how full the vase is. The goal is to fill the vase with three Bonus Symbols, which are displayed as golden coins. The Bonus Symbols can randomly land on the reels during the maingame. Keep in mind that during each spin the vase is emptied, meaning you must collect all three symbols in one spin including its falling Wild Re-Spins. Divine FortuneThe Jackpot Bonus Game consists of 15 reels that only display coin symbols. After activation the collected Bonus symbols will be placed on random positions on the reels. The game will then start of with 3 spins. When one or more Bonus symbols land on the reels during a spin, the number of spins you have left will automatically reset to 3. The Bonus game will end when no more spins are left. To win one out of three Jackpots, you will have to fill a full row with Bonus symbols. If you fill one entire row you will win the Minor Jackpot. This is a fixed jackpot and will award you with 20 times your bet. If you fill two full rows you will win the Major Jackpot, which is also fixed. This jackpot will award you with 100x your bet. If you fill all three rows, so the entire screen, you will win the Mega Jackpot. This is a progressive jackpot meaning it can add up very high.

Wilds, Wilds and more Wilds

Although mainly being a Jackpot slot, Divine Fortune would never have gained so much popularity if it wasn’t for the other exciting features it has to offer. There are three main features: Falling Wild Re-Spins, Wild on Wilds, and Free Spins. The Wild symbols in Divine Fortune can substitute for all symbols except for the Free Spins and Bonus symbols. After a Wild symbol appears and all wins are awarded, the Wild symbol drops down one position on the reel and a Falling Wild Re-Spin will be activated. This means that even though you pay for only 1 spin, you might just get a couple of extra free re-spins. If a Wild symbol lands behind a Falling Wild symbol, the Wild on Wild feature will be activated. Hereafter the selected Wild symbol will expand to cover the entire reel. Last but not least, you can also win Free Spins in this game. The Free Spins will be activated when 3 or more Free Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels in the main game. During Free Spins, all Wild symbols will turn into Wild on Wilds, and thus expand to cover the entire reel.