Cosmic Fortune slot

If you’re into jackpots and a lover of intergalactic themes, there’s only one slot for you to consider. Cosmic Fortune is one of NetEnt’s Jackpot slots that kick of with an exciting intro. This one takes us back to the good old arcade hall times, where Space Invaders was simply indispensable. Cosmic Fortune is equipped with a couple of fun features such as Free Falls, a Bonus Game and a Jackpot Game that offers a whopping 6 Jackpots.

Collect Marbles for the Bonus Game

If there’s one thing to love about Cosmic Fortune, besides the chance to win a mega jackpot ofcourse, it’s the set up of the slot. Before you enter can even enter the Jackpot game, you’re going to have to play through the Free Falls and the Bonus Game. Free Falls will be activated when at least 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels during the main game. The minimum amount of Free Falls you’ll receive is 10 with 3 Scatters, with an extra 5 Free Falls for each additional Scatter symbol. During the Free Falls you will be collecting marbles. Each symbol on a winning bet line will transform into 1 marble. The more marbles you collect, the better – as you will need these during the Bonus Game. Cosmic FortuneAfter the Free Falls round the Free Falls Bonus Game will automatically start up. The screen will display five cups. Four of these are coin win cups, but the main one you will want to look out for is the Jackpot Collector Cup. The goal here is to fill up the Jackpot Collector Cup with marbles, in order to enter the Jackpot Game. A small plane will be releasing the marbles one by one from the top of the screen. The marbles will fall downwards, with the possibility to hit a cup or bounce away and disappear into oblivion (think pinball style). In order to activate the Jackpot Game, you will have to fill the Jackpot Collector Cup with 3 marbles. The more marbles you’ve collected during the Free Fall round, the more chances you will have to hit the cup.

Cosmic Fortune Jackpot game

The Jackpot Game will have a similar set-up as the Bonus Game. Marbles will fall from the top and may or may not hit several cups. Unlike the Bonus Game, you will always start the Jackpot Game with 50 marbles. The screen will display a total of 9 cups. The first and top layer will consists of 4 Coin Win Cups, of 20 and 40 coins. Below that, all five Jackpot cups will be displayed. From left to right these will be the: Rapid, Major, Mega, Midi and Mini Jackpot. This means that the two outer cups are the lowest jackpots, and the three inner cups can award the highest jackpots. The three highest options are all progressive jackpots, with the Mega Jackpot being the one if you want to earn big bucks. You’ll have to get three marbles in one Jackpot cup to win the Jackpot.Cosmic Fortune is a great game, regardless of if you win a jackpot or not. With a main game and three extra games you will never get bored. Are you going to be the lucky winner of the Mega Jackpot?