Caribbean Stud Poker slot

Although there are a lot of jackpot slots out there, most of them will be catering the wants and needs for video slot fans. Lovers of tables games are usually less fortunate in choice, however the Caribbean Stud Poker offers a welcome exception. Try your luck in an interesting game of poker, and who knows – you might even win the Jackpot!

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Bonus

Rather than the regular setup of three jackpots, this particular game allows you to win parts of the jackpot in multiple situations. Whilst playing Caribbean Stud Poker, you will have to place your bets each round in the ‘Ante’ area. To qualify for (part of) the jackpot, you will also have to place a bet in the Jackpot bet area. Although you can choose to bet any amount between €1 and €100 in the Ante area, your Jackpot bet will always be €1. If you do not place a bet in the Jackpot area, you naturally do not qualify for the Jackpot. Partial Jackpot Bonus wins will be payed out starting from the Three of a Kind combination. To win the full Jackpot you will have to have the highest possible combination, a Royal Flush. The exact payouts from high to low are: Royal Flush – 100% of Jackpot Straight Flush – 2500 for 1 Four of a kind – 250 for 1 Full house – 100 for 1 Flush – 25 for 1 Straight – 10 for 1 Three of a kind – 5 for 1 Example: If you placed a bet in the Jackpot area and you hit Four of a kind, whilst the dealer hits a lower combination, then you will receive €2500.

How to Play

Each game is played with a new deck. As stated above you’ll first have to place your bet, the ante. Then you will also decide if you want to place a bet on the progressive jackpot. After you’ve placed your bets, you simply click on the ‘Deal’ button. You will receive 5 open cards. The Dealer will receive 1 open card, and 4 cards face down. Based on your hand you will then decide whether you want to Call or Fold. If you Fold your bet will be forfeited, and you can begin with the next round. If you Call, you must add double the amount of your initial bet to your total bet. For example – if your initial bet is €10, and you call, you will add another €20 and thus bet a total of €30.