Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots are all those video slots that have an extra jackpot prize for the players to win. These are some of the most attractive casino games around since they can often offer jackpot prizes that go into the millions. Jackpot slots can be life changers, all you need is one big win and your life will change for good. There are various types of  jackpots, some are progressive, some are combined and some are just single slot jackpots but all can be won with just one spin of the reels. Once you have played enough of the general slots then the next step is to win a jackpot prize and be sorted for life. We all know and love slot machines and video slots, and winning those big cash prizes is always a bonus when you are playing your favourite slot. But what about winning one big lot of cash in one go, a cash prize that could go into the millions in some cases. Well I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to have a go at that. And with online casinos gaining more and more popularity it is getting easier to find a casino that offers a slot to suit you that comes with a jackpot bonus. Or maybe you could even find a trio of slots that all share the same progressive jackpot like the Wonder trilogy from NetEnt.

The Wonder jackpot trio

The three Wonder jackpots that all share the same progressive jackpot are Icy Wonders, Geisha Wonders and Tiki Wonders. Individually they are all games you would want to play regardless of the jackpot prize, but they do in fact come with a jackpot bonus which over time reaches into the millions. This progressive jackpot works by a small percentage of each bet being added to the pot. This is done for every single player who plays any one of these slots. So where your usual progressive jackpot would accumulate money from players of just that one slot, this is trebled giving the jackpot three times as much money. This progressive jackpot is specific to one online casino at a time. The fact that these games all come with their own individual theme and features that players would go for it makes perfect sense to choose one of these wonder slots as your game of choice. There is actually two chances to win a jackpot prize in these three slots, both Tiki Wonders, Icy Wonders and Geisha Wonders have a wonder jackpot and a mega wonder jackpot. The Mega Wonder jackpot prize is the combined pot of all three games, whilst the wonder jackpot is just specific to that slot. The jackpots are won by getting the wonder star symbol in any bet line of the reels, it can be attached to any symbol.

Update: unfortunately the 3 Wonder Jackpot slots no longer exist. NetEnt does have three equally exciting Fortune Jackpot slots: Mega Fortune, Cosmic Fortune and Divine Fortune.

Pooled Jackpots

There are of course jackpots that are pooled together between online casinos, so if you are playing Mega Fortune for example in a NetEnt casino of your choice, the jackpot will be pooled together with the jackpot prize money of another NetEnt casino that has the same video slot. Mega Fortune is one of the most popular of these pooled jackpots since it has paid out millions in the past few years and is generally won few months too so definitely worth investing your time and money in. Mega Fortune also has two other smaller jackpot prizes to tide you over until you hit the big win, these are called the rapid jackpot and the major jackpot prize.

Local jackpot slots

Mega Moolah is a slot that has a jackpot that is all its own and not shared with other slots or online casinos. However this is one of the slots that has been known to make more than one or two millionaires in its time. This like other jackpot slots has three chance to win a jackpot prize, the first and smallest of the three is the mini jackpot, then you have the minor and last but not least there is the major jackpot that is never less than 1 million euros! Of course the slots mentioned here are not the only online slots that have jackpot prizes, these have been used as a guideline of what to expect from some of the great video slots out there in online casinos today that all offer jackpot prizes that really could make you a millionaire many times over. If you are going to play slots anyway you may as well choose one of the games that will offer you a stab at becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams. Other jackpot slots are Millionaires Club 1 and 2, its not called by that name for no good reason either plus many more.